Experienced, Principled Leadership.

Born and raised in Northern Ohio, Steve Arndt has spent a lifetime serving others in his community. Steve has worked to protect Lake Erie and our environment. He has attempted to make our area a place where small businesses can thrive. And he has always been a fighter for the laborer and farmer.

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Job Creation

Steve sees the vast progress made in the last 8 years, in part due to the low taxes and more favorable regulatory environment that the General Assembly and the Governor provided. Steve is committed to fighting for small business and labor to continue this economic expansion.

Lake Erie

Steve has focused on bringing stakeholders from the agricultural, environmental and manufacturing communities together to protect the lake. That is why he led the effort to pass the bipartisan Clean Lake 2020 Bill.


Steve is passionate about the safety and success of our children. Since his time in the Ohio House of Representatives, Arndt has promoted a high-quality education system and school safety, voting for historic investments for our public schools.


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